Gas Central Heating

Brivis Gas Ducted Heating

How Does it Work?

With ducted gas central heating you don’t have to walk out of a warm room into a cold one. Gas ducted heating is the most cost effective way to heat your entire house. It allows control of the heat delivery through zoning. For example: you’re in the living rooms, you don’t have to be heating the bedrooms. Or you can allow the bedrooms to cool down to a certain temperature which means they’re easy to heat back up again. The heating unit draws air from inside your house through a return air grill. From here it then flows into the heater where it’s warmed, and then on to every room of your home via outlets, in the form of warm gentle air. It is so quiet you don’t even realise that it is turned on. Your system can run under the floor or in the ceiling.

Size Matters

A calculation is done to determine the heat output (kW) and airflow requirement to heat your whole home. Installation of a furnace under spec’d, or over spec’d will compromise the efficiency and the heaters performance overall, resulting in costly maintenance repairs and high running costs. Zone control is a feature to enhance your central heating system.

You’re in control

The networker can operate in either auto or manual modes. In auto mode the networker allows you to preset temperatures and times to turn the heater on and off, in each individual zone. This means you can program your house to be warm when you arrive home from a cold winter day, or you can wake up to a nice warm house on an early morning frost.

Health & Safety

With Brivis gas central heating there are no exposed flames, no fume emissions or very hot surfaces inside the house. Warm Zone installs a G2 grade removeable filter, creating a superior healthy living environment with no dust circulating through the heating vents.

Energy Efficient

No pilot light – using only the minimum gas required keeping your house at the desired temperature, which further saves on running costs. A heat output between 20-35kw means your home is heated very quickly.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Small discreet ceiling, floor or wall outlets, no need to organise furniture around heaters, or hide old fashioned radiator heating panels.

Duct Installation

The installation of the ducting is the key to an economical, quiet and trouble free heating system. We are often contracted to repair and improve systems as little as 2 years old, of all different types of brands due to a poor installation. Airflow management and duct design for ducted central heating systems is a skill mastered with time and experience.




“The per unit price you pay for natural gas is about one third of the unit price of electricity. It gets cheaper and cheaper to use natural gas rather than electricity for things like heating and cooking”

How much does it cost to run?

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