Running Costs

How much does a Brivis Gas Ducted Central Heating System cost to run?

Our customers have given us feedback on the running costs of their systems. We’ve asked for average monthly running costs, and also the insulation grade and size of their homes to give a better picture, rather than an ambiguous figure such as cents per hour. The monthly costs below are for homes operating their central heating for most of the week, and on an average 6-8 hours per day. The natural gas homes are mid efficiency MPS 4 star furnaces. The LPG homes are High Efficiency MPS 5 star furnaces.

* Interestingly, this 4 bedroom home with a family of 5 compared their energy bill with an all electric household (3 x heat pumps) of the same size house and family. The outcome was the all electric household paid on average $100 more per month on their energy bill.

**More than 8 hours per day 6-7 days per week

These prices are based on a Brivis ducted heating system installed by Karl at Warm Zone Ltd prior to 2009. The running costs will differ between installers depending on the quality of the installation. A 1 star increase is approximately 10% saving in running costs. The new Brivis High Efficiency Star Pro series is approximately 20% more energy efficient than the mid efficiency furnace this table is based on.